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Fidbox is the future of eco-living and wellbeing in homes, offices and commercial buildings. Fidbox is installed permanently inside the floorboards and it is a monitor for measuring temperature and relative humidity on the surface of the floorboard and the surface of of the concrete at regular intervals. It is also a data logger for long term data recording which does not affect the life of the floorboard it is placed under.


Fidbox originated from Austria, now extensively used in Europe and has been recently adopted and approved for use in United States. The Fidbox is also used by a prominent company in United Kingdom who restores and constructs wooden flooring in some of England's finest buildings - from the Victoria and Albert Museum to the Windsor Castle and from Waddesden Manor to Buckingham Palace, some of the most well-known buildings now use Fidbox as part of their installation process.


There are many benefits of having a fidbox installed in your flooring.  Each Fidbox installation includes an app available to the owner of the home so that they can access the data created by the system. The Fidbox indicates whether the climate is correctly maintained or whether adjustment is needed to create a healthier living environment and to avoid possible damage. This protects your engineered flooring in Perth from unnecessary problems.


Installing a Fidbox in your engineered timber flooring in Perth can also help to conserve energy by ensuring the home is not excessively heated or cooled.


"Isn't it time to have a Fidbox in your home?"


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