What is a bamboo floor?

Bamboo is technically a grass. Natural bamboo floors are not only beautiful to look at, but will also give your home a sense of sublime beauty. Bamboo also gives warm and unique colours that cannot be replicated in timber.

Where does bamboo come from?

ECOfusionFlooring boards are made of a specific species of bamboo, called Moso, grown in North East China.

Why are bamboo floors a good option?

There is a great range of colours and finishes to choose from. It is smooth and easy to clean. It is a reliable, eco friendly, natural product that gives a beautiful lustre and is long lasting.

What is the difference between a timber floor and a bamboo floor?

Bamboo can give a warm natural coloured glow that is unique to bamboo flooring

Are there different grades of bamboo flooring?

Bamboo floorboards like everything else, you do get what you pay for. Although the floorboards may look similar in some cases, they may not be of the same quality.

Our general advise to our clients are "if you are planning to buy bamboo or timber flooring, go to a flooring specialist".

At ECOfusion Flooring, our passion is bamboo and timber flooring and that is all we specialise in.

How long will my bamboo floor last?

If you maintain your floor according to our maintenance guide, your floor should last you a lifetime.

How long does an installation of a bamboo floor take?

It depends on the size of the house, but as a rule, it takes 3-4 days for a standard house of 100 square metres. Stairs take additional time, but the result is amazing. We at ECOfusion Flooring do not believe in hurrying our installers at work. Every job is unique and the end result is exquisite.

How should I prepare the surface for installation?

For the best results the floor needs to be completely cleared from carpet, tiles, vinyl or linoleum, etc. Any underlay should be removed, as well as any glue, bond crete or paint residue, because this affects adhesion. In other words; the floor should be stripped down to the raw concrete. Contact us if you need help finding someone dependable to do this job for you.

Do I need to leave home during installation?

If pre-finish boards are being installed, in most cases we can work around you and your family.

For raw floor boards, it is necessary to be away from home for a few days during the installation, sanding and polishing. The coatings, although non-toxic, can potentially cause irritation during the sanding and coating process.

What supplier of bamboo and timber flooring should I choose?

ALWAYS choose a Flooring Specialist that has Bamboo and timber floors on display, so that you are able to

view the floor.

As a bamboo and timber floor is chosen by sensory perception, you need to both see it and feel it as you walk on it and of course, be able to see the different colours and finishes and have all your questions answered by a specialist. Not just any specialist but a train and accredited Flooring Specialist.

Why should I choose ECOfusion Flooring?

ECOfusionFlooring provides you with ECOfusion grade "A" floorboards, which means that you are purchasing the highest quality flooring at an affordable price. Settle for nothing less.

Do we sell wide boards?

Yes we do.

What is ECOfusion?

ECOfusion Flooring, in conjunction with our manufacturers, have developed a superior product that has given our customers total peace of mind. ECOfusion technology was developed by us specifically for the West Australian climatic conditions.

What does it mean by ECOfusion Quality?

At ECOfusion Flooring, we warrant that all our ECOfusion floorboards are "A" grade and manufactured strictly to our specifications and to the climatic conditions of Western Australia.

How good is the ECOfusion manufacturer?

At ECOfusion Flooring, we take pride in giving our customers only the best. To ensure that we provide the best, we only collaborate with the best manufacturers in the industry. We have a Research and Development department working alongside our Quality Control team to ensure that ECOfusion floorboards are at the forefront of the industry.

Is the ECOfusion floor easy to clean?

Yes, the ECOfusion floors are very easy to clean. we now recommend the use of micro fibre brooms as one of the best products for keeping these floors looking great. All our clients are given a microfibre broom and a specialised cleaning solution as part of their supply and installation package.

How do I maintain my ECOfusion floor?

To maintain your ECOfusion floors, you just have to regularly clean your floor to ensure there is no grit built-ups, that potentially can be abrasive.

Can ECOfusion floorboards be resanded?

Yes. All our ECOfusion floorboards can be resanded. However, we do not recommend sand and polished for floating floors.

How long before it needs to be resanded?

Generally, you would only need to sand the floorboards every 8 - 10 years. Please note that requirements for sanding is subject to individual homes and the foot traffic on the homes.

How many times can you sand and seal a floor?

Depending on the skill of the sander, our ECOfusion floorboards should give you 4 - 5 sands during the life of the floor.

Can you sand and seal a worn floating bamboo floor?

Yes, you can sand and seal a floating bamboo floor, but the results will not be as good as sanding and sealing a direct-stick bamboo floor. The reason is the sander cannot get an even sand on a moving floor. Hence, the end result may not be to your satisfaction. Please note that ECOfusion Flooring will not sand and seal a floating floor as the end result would not be to our standards or our clients expectation.

We recommend that our clients use a direct-stick floor if they plan to sand and seal the floor in the future. Sanding and sealing a worn floor will give the look of a new floor again.

Should we have moisture vapour barrier applied on the concrete floor?

ECOfusionFlooring always recommends the application of moisture vapour barrier on all concrete floors prior to the installation of floorboards. In fact, we apply a two-coat moisture barrier system.

We believe in protecting the investment of the customer and the best part is it's aready part of the package, there is no additional charge to for it.

Do we need moisture vapour barrier?

Yes, we firmly believe in the benefits of moisture vapour barrier on subfloors. Glue manufacturers would not have developed the moisture vapour barrier if it did not have a clear and effective purpose.

At ECOfusion Flooring, using moisture vapour barrier is compulsory and is part of our ECOfusion supply and installation package. We do not charge extra on top of the package price. We apply moisture vapour barrier applications according to the manufacturer's specifications.

At ECOfusion Flooring, we believe in protecting our clients' investments. That is why we have developed the most comprehensive supply, installation and maintenance package in Australia.

Why do some sales rep's says insist that we do not need moisture vapour barrier?

If they insist that you do not need moisture vapour barrier, make sure you get a copy of their warranty document to ensure that you are covered by the company, should your floors have moisture content problems from the concrete slab.

What if the sales rep's says that they will check or do a moisture test after we have signed up?

Why can't they check or do a moisture test before you sign the dotted line? Make sure you get a copy of their warranty document and read it carefully.

Will the floorboards be affected by warping or cupping if there is no moisture vapour barrier?

Yes, there is a possibility that timber or bamboo floorboards can be affected with cupping or warping if there is no moisture vapour barrier applied.

Warping and cupping can occur for various reasons and not only because of a lack of moisture vapour barrier.

The question your should ask yourself is "why take the unnecessary risk, if you don't have to?". It's like buying a car and not having an insurance coverage for the car. Nothing may happen, but if it does, is it worth the risk?

At ECOfusion Flooring, our motto is "if you are going to do it, do it right the first time".

How much coverage is the SIKA moisture vapour barrier?

SIKA recommends their moisture vapour barrier coverage to be between 8-13 square meterage for a MB Part A and Part B 4kg kit. This gives you an average of 10.5 square metres per kit. There may be less than 10.5 square metres on average depending on the porosity of the concrete subfloor.

If you are quoted with 20-25 square meter coverage with each 4kg 2 Part SIKA MB moisture vapour barrier kit, this does not conform to the manufacturer's specifications. If the coverage is too thin, you might as well not put the moisture vapour barrier on, it will not be worth your money. The moisture vapour barrier becomes redundant and SIKA will not guarantee your floor, as it was not applied to manufacturers specifications.

Why are some bamboo floorboards cheaper than others?

We always advise clients to do their homework. Our maxim is "not all things are created equal".

A good analogy is this: on appearance, a generic brand TV seems to have similar functions to a branded (more expensive) TV. Is the quality the same? It's normally not. A branded (more expensive) TV usually uses components superior in quality to make the TV, hence the picture is better.

Why do some shops only do "supply only"?

By not providing an Installation service in-house, the shop limits its responsibility. More often than not, if something should go wrong with the brand new floor, the customer is left chasing its own tail. A famous saying goes - Let the buyers beware!

Why do some shops only sell uniclic floating floor and insist that bamboo floorboards cannot be direct - stick?

Obviously, these shops have very limited knowledge about bamboo flooring, or alternatively, their installers may not be skilled enough in installation.

What is Uniclic?

Uniclic is a patented technology used for floating floor application.

Can Uniclic system be used for direct-stick floor?

According to the documents released by Unilin (owners of Uniclic system), they do not recommend their system to be used as a direct-stick floor.

Please do your homework first - if a sales person tells you that you can direct-stick a Uniclic floating floor and that their manufacturer warranty covers this method of installation - we advise that you obtain a copy of the manufacturer's warranty.

ECOfusionFlooring will not direct-stick a Uniclic floating floor or any floating floor systems.

Does how long have you been in business correlate with the quality of the floorboards?

The reality is, how long have you been in business DOES NOT correlate with the quality of the floorboards.

A company can be in business for 10 years or 20 years, it does not mean that they will not close tomorrow. An example will be the Merrill Lynch (Investment Bank) in 2008 USA or Kleenmaid (Appliance manufacturer) in Australia in 2009. Although they are large corporations and have been in business for a long time, both collapsed and were later acquired by third parties.

Do not be fooled by marketing gimmicks that some companies use. ie. we have been around a long time.. so we are the safest.

At ECOfusion Flooring, our advice is "do your own research, speak to the sales people and make your own assumptions".

You have to be comfortable with all aspects of the service. Do not let a sales person push you into buying. You buy when you are ready.

Do you use metal trims or t-bar bamboo trims on transitions to carpets and/or tiles?

Our standard installation method does not require using trims when transitioning to carpets or tiles. Such is the skill level of our installers.

Sometimes, there are excpetions where trims are used. It is usually required where the end tiles are chipped or the ends of the carpet is frayed. The trims in this situation will assist in hiding the imprefections.

Do you cut doorframes when installing the floorboards?

We never cut doorflames when installing our ECOfusion floorboards. Our installers do precision cutting and cut the floorboards according to the contour of the doorframe.

What makes a floorboards cupped?

Floorboards (timber or bamboo) can become cupped for three reasons;

  1. Moisture coming up from the sub-floor
  2. Wrong moisture content on the floorboard
  3. External factors (i.e. wet mopping)

Does a bamboo floor scratch?

A bamboo floor is very hard and resistant, in comparison to a timber floor. Bamboo flooring is 70% harder than wood flooring, but note that all surfaces scratch if scratched by a harder material.

Do high heels indent a bamboo floor?

An indent depends on many factors. Even steel can be dented. It all depends on the pressure exerted at that moment.

Do white ants attack bamboo floors?

White ants do not target your floor as a first preference. Bamboo flooring is an acquired taste for white ants.

How should I clean a bamboo floor?

  • Be gentle with your bamboo floor
  • Bamboo floors should be kept dry and clean. Make a habit of wiping your shoes before walking on the floor.
  • Bamboo flooring should be cleaned with a dry soft wide based mop, soft brushed or vacuum cleaned with a specialised vacuum cleaner (timber flooring vacuum cleaner), as a daily routine, because pebbles, lodged in shoes, grit, sand, grim and dust can over time scratch the finish of the floor
  • Bamboo floors as well as timber floors are sensitive to excessive water, therefore mop up spills immediately
  • Use (very) diluted soap if you wish to mop the floor. Make sure the mop is not wet. Wring the mop until its nearly dry – do not use steel wool scouring powder, abrasive cleaners, or strong detergents or floor wax
  • Wipe grease or any stains with a cloth dampened in diluted Methylated Spirits
  • For a nice shine use a specialised wooden floor cleaner and mop on with a damp-dry soft wide based mop.

What kind of customer warranty do I get from ECOfusion Flooring?

  • ECOfusion Flooring gives 10 years product warranty on the integrity of our floorboards. (This is ECOfusion Flooring's warranty. A lot of suppliers give a manufacturer's warranty that is impossible to claim)
  • ECOfusion Flooring gives 5 years installation warranty
  • ECOfusion Flooring gives limited warranty on floors that are not installed by our authorised installers, as there are too many unknown variables, such as moisture treatment of the surface, glue used, remaining residue, etc
  • ECOfusion Flooring's warranty does not cover wear and tear
  • Be aware that sunshine may change slightly the overall colour of the floorboards. This happens to timber boards as well.
  • Please refer to our Sales Consultant for the full Terms and Conditions of the warranty.

With ECOfusion Flooring you do not have to deal with any other parties.

ECOfusion warranty vs factory warranty?

ECOfusion warranty means that we warrant you for your floorboards against manufacturers and installation defects (if we installed the floor). You only have to deal with us.

A factory or manufacturer's warranty is a warranty provided by the manufacturer to the wholesaler or retailer. The factory or manufacturer usually will not entertain the claims of individual customers as the individual customers are not their customers.

Make sure you are provided with a copy of the warranty. If they do not have a warranty document, please TAKE NOTE.

Can we replace a damaged bamboo floor?

Yes, we can assist in replacing bamboo floorboards if the floorboards are accidently damaged.